Our Team

Our Team

Our licensed massage therapists offer the following types of massage: Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, Thai reflexology, craniosacral, hot stone, lymphatic drainage and more.

Julie Henry

Julie Henry, LMT

Post MVA Care ● Mamas to Be ● Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Abdomen

Missy Hitz

Missy Hitz, LMT

Team Leader ● Stress Relief & Relaxation Massage ● Reflexology  

Carl Holmes

Carl Holmes, LMT

The Healer of Low Back & Hips ● Deep Tissue for Athletes & Weekend Warriors ● Relaxing Deep Tissue

Tammy Moon

Tammy Moon, LMT

Relaxation Wizard ● Dancin’ Feet Relief ● Creaky Joint Care

Pamela Perron

Pamela Perron, LMT

Props Master: Cupping ● Brushing ● Stones
Energy based work: Reiki Massage ● Reflexology ● Mamas to Be

Missy Schmalenbach

Missy Schmalenbach, LMT

Focus work for stubborn issues ● Relaxing Deep Tissue ● Mamas to Be 

Abby Weech

Abby Weech, LMT

Mystery Pain Detective ● Neck & Shoulder Care ● Neck Mobility Issues