Carl Holmes, LMT

Carl Holmes, LMT

Carl HolmesCarl Holmes, LMT received his massage license from Great Lakes Institute of Technology in 2018, as he’s proudly displaying in his graduation picture. He was born and raised in Erie.

For someone new to massage, he certainly has deep wisdom about his new line of work:

“I have a huge passion for massage therapy because it helps not only the client but the therapist as well to be calm, tranquil, and at peace. In my opinion you’ll never find a greater sense of self satisfaction in any other kind of profession, knowing that you put your all into your work every time you do a massage. It’s an art, I am able to express my passion for helping others through a simple healing touch. And just knowing a client is walking out of the building better than they walked in, you can’t find that anywhere else.”

“What brought me to massage? The fact that I am able to provide a healthy and natural source of relief of pain. I love all the physical benefits of massage and how it balances out your spiritual being, your mental state, and helps bring you to peace. I hope to be able to provide this amazing service to anyone that is in need of pain relief, or just wants to relax.”

“Area of expertise? Shoulders, back and low back (Ql area).”

Carl is also our expert when it comes to people who need extra deep work due to injury or issues that stem from their physical activities. Though if you want an intense massage, he can do that for anyone!

“If I could teach the world anything? It would be to slow down and enjoy being in the moment you’re in. People are always in a hurry or in a rush, life is a journey, not a race.”